Customer provider


Here is what you can expect when you call us:
1. A quick answer. We strive to answer you as quickly as possible so we can address
your needs. When calling, we understand you are probably not in a situation where sitting on hold is ideal.
2. Assessment of the situation and need. We want to determine the situation or need; whether easing a technical issue, a supply request, a visit request, or just talking things over and receiving reassurance that you are doing everything correctly.
3. Assuring patient comfort. Patient comfort is important, so we may have to ask several questions or make a few phone calls in order to assure their comfort. We strive to maintain or achieve the patient’s goal level of comfort.
4. Assistance in providing technical support. There is no such thing as a “stupid question.” If you don’t understand our instruction or the purpose of the care, please ask us for clarification. The goal is that you are comfortable when you hang up the phone and sure you’re your technical issue reported is solved.

24/7 Support Means Call Us Anytime

When we say ‘call us 24/7’ at Hemoglobe, we mean it. Our main phone number is a primary resource to help our patients with any urgent issue related with our devices.

Who answers on the other line?

Customer support nurses and biomedical engineers with exceptional training for all situations and questions, following strict patient technical support protocols navigated by an intelligent knowledge management system and CRM.

Guide your patients to the appropriate level of technical support 24/7

Here is what you can expect when you call us:

Our customer service team responsible for 24/7 patient support, keeps records of technical issues and patient incidents following our vigilance procedures
for quality purposes, using a fully automated Information Management System.
Our company is compliant to send immediate notications to manufacturers and Notied Body in case of an incident, responding to Regulation and
our Quality System.

(National Insurance System)



Hemoglobe Hellas is a contracted partner with the Greek National Insurance System for medical devices and services.
This practically means that Hemoglobe receives and dispenses patients’ medical prescriptions supplying and serving patients, complying
with contractual responsibilities.