Current Podders™

Helping you to make the most of your Omnipod DASH® System

The Omnipod DASH® Support Programme has been designed to make your transition to the Omnipod DASH® System as simple as possible. The programme offers a range of value added services to help you make the most of what the Omnipod DASH® System has to offer. 

For more information about the individual services and their availability, contact Hemoglobe Hellas on 210-8131733 or  We will be happy to assist you.

Please speak with your diabetes healthcare professional first to assess the suitability for the Omnipod® Insulin Management System.

Omnipod® Support Programme Offerings

Sample Pod*

Try out a free, non-functioning sample Pod at home to get the feel of the Omnipod DASH® System before getting started.

*The sample Pod is a needle-free, non-functioning Pod that can be worn for up to 3 days.

Omnipod DASH® System Training

Speak with your diabetes healthcare professional to learn more about the training services available to all new Podders™.

Educational and Training Resources

Resource guides, troubleshooting and tips, and additional educational and training support are available – 24/7 access to educational resources here.

Our Role in the Diabetes Community

Our insulin management system has already helped to improve the lives of many individuals across the globe, and we’re not stopping there. Through partnerships with a number of professional medical organisations and diabetes non-profit organisations, we support the diabetes community’s efforts to increase awareness, improve access and accelerate innovation.