With diligence and a good team, you can live a normal happy life with diabetes.

We are the good team

We can teach you diabetes diligence

  1. Managing your Diabetes

Learn what is happening to your body

You can’t manage anything that you don’t understand.
Understanding Type 1 Diabetes is the first step for successful Diabetes Management.

What is Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body’s immune system destroys pancreas cells that produce insulin (B-cells).

The role of Insulin

Insulin is the “key” that brings glucose in the body’s cells.

Body cells use glucose as energy source.

The produced insulin quantity is related to the carbohydrates quantity coming from meals.

To Type 1 patients, glucose does not enter into the cells, as there is no insulin available. So remains in the blood stream, increasing glucose levels.

Take control !

Your life is going to change…how ready are you to take control?

Understanding Diabetes, is your first step.

You are the most important success factor for your Diabetes Management.

The first fundamental decision that you have to make, is choosing the right team that will support you and your doctor to succeed in Diabetes Management.

The second decision that you have to make, is to be informed about all the available Diabetes Technologies that will help you to take control.

For a successful Diabetes Management every choice matters!

The power of Technology

Using the right diabetes technology your everyday life can become closer to normal!

A wide range of advanced technological tools adjusted to your customized needs, are available to make your life easier, providing bigger freedom!

Can you eat without worrying?

Can you sleep without fearing hypos and hypers?

Do you want to perform your everyday activities without restrictions?

Using the right technology, gives you the freedom to control your diabetes more effectively.