Fewer insulin injection

What is an insulin pump?

Insulin pump is a small portable device that can be connected to your body through an infusion set.

The insulin pump mimics the mechanic function of the human pancreas, infusing small rapid insulin doses, in order to cover your customized everyday needs.

This is how insulin pumps infuse insulin:

  1. basal rate insulin infusion: Basal rate insulin infusion covers your daily body insulin needs without any carbohydrate intake from meals.
  2. Bolus doses: extra insulin doses for carbohydrate intake

What the benefits of insulin pump therapy?

Insulin pump therapy offers multiple benefits over multiple daily injections.

1) Insulin pump therapy offers you multiple clinical benefits compared to the multi-injection regimen (MDI).

Now you can have:

A) better glycemic control with fewer rapid glucose fluctuations
B) reduction of HbA1c
C) fewer hypoglycemic episodes, since the insulin pump uses only fast insulin, giving you the option of temporal basal rate adjustments.

2) The insulin pump allows you to adjust the insulin doses better and with automation, in order to achieve better glycemic control. You can also manage foods that are not easy to manage with multiple injections, such as e.g. pizza, popcorn, buffets, etc.

The insulin pump takes into account the active insulin, the current glucose value, the carbohydrates as well as your personal settings, in order to determine the correct dose.

1.The insulin pump gives greater flexibility and freedom to your everyday life.

The insulin pump allows you to customize your insulin schedule according to your needs, without having to adjust your everyday life to a preset insulin schedule like you do with long lasting insulin!

So you can exercise, eat more or less or in times of illness adjust your insulin delivery, and all that, at the touch of a button.

2. With the insulin pump you have greater comfort, discretion, convenience and quality of life.