Managing Diabetes

Manage your diabetes for life


Management & Everyday Activities

Knowledge can go a long way toward easing the stress of the diagnosis of diabetes. Knowing how to eat, exercise, and monitor your blood glucose levels are the first steps in understanding what diabetes means for you. Sticking to the basics can help you take control of your diabetes.

Our team of diabetes educators has passion for helping other adults with diabetes. We know that diabetes doesn’t take breaks or vacations, so we make ourselves available to you above-and-beyond the usual call of duty.

Having lows during a new type of workout? We’ll offer specific adjustments.Not sure which pump to choose? We’ll direct you to the most helpful information.In virtually all cases, we respond to your questions and concerns within hours, not days or weeks.

Hemoglobe15’s diabetes training Service provides comprehensive insulin pump services to those who are considering insulin pump therapy as well as those looking for some “fine-tuning”.
For novice or experienced pumpers, our “pump management retainer” covers everything you need to gain better control of your blood sugars and master many of the advanced aspects of diabetes self-management.
Integrated Diabetes Services is certified to train on every pump model.



1.Principles of insulin pump therapy
2Basic carbohydrate counting
3.Advanced techniques in carbohydrate counting
4.Making use of the glycemic index
5.Weight management for diabetics
6.Strategies for dining out at restaurants
7.Strategies for dining out at restaurants


1.Exercise planning for diabetics
2.Managing blood sugar during sports & exercise
3.Strength training principles
4.Principles of sports nutrition


1.Pre-pregnancy diabetes management counseling
2.Blood sugar regulation through pregnancy
3.Pregnancy & exercise
4.Perinatal nutrition
5.Delivery planning
6.Postpartum control


1.School nurse training
2.Camp preparation
3.Responsibilities based on stage of maturation
4.Sports performance strategies
5.Staying motivated
6.College / boarding school preparation

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