Insulin Pumps

dana insulin pump

Dana Diabecare RS Insulin Pump

Hemoglobe Hellas presents to the Greek market the intelligent insulin delivering system DANA Diabecare RS, of Sooil Co. This complete therapy solution for diabetes consists of:


  • Diabecare R insulin Pump,
    which is fully controlled through out a tele-commander. Tele-commander itself is, at the same time, a glucose meter and a bluetooth device as well, which allows a wireless connection to internet.
  • DANA Mobile Application, Both Android & IOS
    which converts your "smart" cell-phone into a pump controller, allowing the use of every pump feature.


dana insulin pump

Equil Patch Pump

Hemoglobe Hellas presents to the Greek market the unique patch pump Equil.


  • Equil Patch Pump,
    Ia s small and light-weight insulin delivery pump that features wireless connection (Bluetooth) to the control module (PDA) – itself a small and discreet unit, mobile phone size unit with a built-in glucose meter.
  • The patch pump itself weighs just over 20grams and is attached to the body with an integral self-adhesive pad and features its’ own cannula which delivers the insulin directly from the 2ml on-board cylinder, eliminating the need for tubes and wires connecting to a control and reservoir unit.