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Cleo 90 Infusion Set

Its unique all-in-one housing design includes an inserter needle and automatic needle retraction to reduce accidental needle sticks and make insertions convenient and quick.Insulin pump users now can get an all-in-one, single-use, disposable infusion set.

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Soft Release O

The Soft Realease O is designed to rotate freely 360 ° degrees. Eliminates the need for constant monitoring for connecting and disconnecting. Its closed system has proven to prevent the transmission of germs. It is discreet and transparent, is activated by body heat, as the body sweats so much more it is "standing", it leaves no sticky residue from tape or remove the hairy part of the limbs during export.

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Soft Release ST

Clip mechanism: Easy to connect and disconnect. Penetration angle: 90 degrees. Self-adhesive anti-allergic patch.

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