Diabetes Know How

Hemoglobe acquires a 15 year experience in Diabetes, with well trained executives that offer technical and training support to customers 24h every day. From 2001, our executives train and consult patients and physicians on insulin pump treatments and “live with an insulin pump” issues.
Hemoglobe’s Diabetes department has been established one of most famous and integrated training teams that educates and trains patients on “managing diabetes issues”.
The professional experience and know how of Heamoglobe’s trainers on insulin pump therapy is acquired by expertise seminars conducted by the biggest insulin pump companies internationally.        

This can be summarized at the following points:
2001-2004: By Mr. Gerrard Smith in Burgdorf Switzerland  on insulin pump therapy  for Disetronic  H-TRON and D-TRON models.
2004-2011: By Mr Sousoumo Akatsu in Mineapolis USA in Deltec Company for Cosmo model.
2011-today: By Pr. Choi, Sooil Korea for Dana Diabecare R model.

Our executive team has trained more than 2000 diabetic patients on insulin pump therapy, half of which on the Disetronic insulin pumps.






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